As the title says!  A press release from PP states:

Monsterpocalypse™ Collectible Miniatures game sells out in Japan

Seattle WA, October 13th, 2008 – Privateer Press™ has announced that their
Monsterpocalypse™ collectible miniatures game has sold out in Japan prior to

“This is a very important indicator of the game’s potential in Japan,”
stated Matt Wilson, designer of Monsterpocalypse and Creative Director of
Privateer Press. “This paves the way to a bright future for Monsterpocalypse
in a market and a culture that has celebrated over 50 years’ worth of the
Giant Monster (Kaiju) genre.”   

A product shortage is not anticipated at this point, especially as
distribution in Japan expands, so players in Japan will be able to take full
advantage of the Mega Ares Mother ship redemption program, and the Mega Sky
Sentinel comic book promotion (details available at

Monsterpocalypse launched this past Friday, October 10th, 2008 and has also
recently sold out of starter sets at the manufacturer level in the US.
Information about future releases for the Monsterpocalypse product line will
be on display at Toy Fair in New York City in February 2009.

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On Saturday 11 October Forge Games will be attending Skelp in Forfar:


I’ll have the usual complete range of PP products with will also now include MONSTERPOCALYPSE!  In addition I’ll have Anima: Tactics.

FG will have a demo table to introduce players to WARMACHINE, HORDES and MONSTERPOCALYPSE.

All GF9 products will be at 50% off marked price for Skelp.

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PP have announced a deal with Play Factory to translate and publish MonPoc in French for, well, French speaking players:

Privateer Press has announced a deal that grants exclusive distribution rights of the Monsterpocalypse collectible miniatures game to French based publisher, distributor: Play Factory.

“We are very pleased to announce this exclusive agreement between Privateer Press and Play Factory, for all Monsterpocalypse products” said Matt Wilson, Creative Director for Privateer Press. The agreement permits exclusive distribution rights to France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Wilson also stated that Play Factory would be fully supporting Monsterpocalypse in each of these countries with the same organized play program that supports the game in the U.S. In addition, they will also offer both the Mega Ares Mothership and the Mega Sky Sentinel Series 1: Rise redemption programs. (Details of these and other special offers can be found at: www.monsterpocalypsegame.com/promotions). “Play Factory has a reputation for outstanding customer service and we feel that they possess a level of excitement and commitment for Monsterpocalypse that is perfectly in line with how we are supporting the game here in the U.S.,” Wilson stated.


“We’re thrilled to work with Privateer Press, a company who knows how to make good and fun packed games,” said Gregoire Boisbelaud, Sales and Marketing Manager for Play Factory. “As a magazine publisher, game editor and distributor, Play Factory looks for quality in all our products. Privateer Press succeeds in fulfilling this requirement. The close partnership between our two companies will allow us to promote and support the game and make it the success it deserves to be.”

Retailers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland should contact Play Factory’s sales and marketing department at commercial@playfactory.fr or +33 1 42 49 74 74 for more information about Monsterpocalypse.

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Forge Games will now be attending Skelp on Saturday 11 October.  There was a last minute slot so, well, I took it!  This will be the first show with MONSTERPOCALYPSE:


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Privateer Press’s Creative Director Matt Wilson and MONSTERPOCALYPSE designer Erik Yaple have given an intwerview with The Gaming report:


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From PP:


Privateer Press has announced that starter sets for their new collectible miniatures game: Monsterpocalypse Series 1: Rise (PIP 50001) have sold out at the manufacturer level prior to the product’s upcoming launch date of October 10th 2008.

“We have seen such an overwhelming demand,” said Sherry Yeary, President of Privateer Press. “That we already have a re-stock of starter sets ordered and due to arrive in November.” Currently, Privateer Press still has Series 1: Rise Monster boosters and Unit boosters in stock to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for the game. In addition, starter sets will be readily available at the distribution and retail level to support the launch since the majority of initial distributor orders have been filled. “With free, fully-supported organized play kicking off with the launch of the product,” Yeary continued, “and escalating interest and awareness for the game, we want to assure our distribution partners, core hobby retailers and all of our excited fans and players that we will do everything we can to have Monsterpocalypse product available throughout the holidays and into 2009.”

FORGE GAMES will have some available on Saturday 11 October when we attend Skelp in Forfar.

In addition, FORGE GAMES will be running demo games at the Old Glory World Wargame Chamionships in Derby over the weekend 4 – 5 October.

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Privateer Press have announced some new MonPoc products that should be available before Christmas:

Monsterpocalypse: Rise Strategy Guide (P50008).  A 64 page full-colour book full of tips, tactics, spoilers, and commentary on every figure, faction, map, and format. Also included is an EXCLUSIVE double-sided battle map.  Available October.

Blue and Red Accessory Packs (PIP50005: Blue, PIP50006: Red).  These packs contain 31 colour-coded ID rings needed to tell a player’s figures apart from their opponent’s on the table and help organise a player’s forces. Also included is an extra Monster Health Tracker and full set of Power, Action and Boost dice needed for multi-monster battles. Available with either red or blue ID rings.

Monsterpocalypse: Rise Map Pack (PIP50004).  This Map Pack contains 3 double-sided maps, giving players brand new cities to stomp and smash. Each city map provides a unique gaming experience allowing for endless strategic options. Also included in the Map Pack is the EXCLUSIVE “Government Building” figure. This Map Pack is the only place to get the “Government Building” model.

FORGE GAMES will be stocking the entire MonPoc line when launched and be running small tournaments at shows attended by FG.

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