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Missing Parts

If a part is missing or miscast please contact FORGE GAMES soonest via forgegames@gmail.com or 07962 596209.  I will then arrange for you to send the blister/box back to FORGE GAMES.  Upon receipt you will be either sent a replacement or issued a full refund; postal costs will be refunded either way in full.

It may be quicker, however, to contact the manufacturer direct:

Just email the PP factory in Liverpool via eufrontdesk@privateerpress.com the following details:

  • Detailed Description of what was missing or miscast and that you made the purchase from Phil at FORGE GAMES.  Ideally send a photo of what what is the box/blister so PP staff can see what is missing/miscast.  You could even use a picture from PP’s online bits shop to show what you think is missing.
  • The Packed by xxxx (if any) included on a small slip of paper in the product container.
  • Your Name, full Address and email address.
PP will then send you a replacement part.  Please Cc me your original email so I am aware of any issues.
One can also email PP direct in the US via frontdesk@privateerpress.com or click on PP’s Customer Support – Replacement Parts page.
Of course you are always welcome to return the dodgy blister/box for a full refund including any postal charges incurred.

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PP have announced a deal with Play Factory to bring a French translation of MonPoc to, well, French speaking players.

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I started playing D&D back in the 1970s, after watching Bakshi’s version of LOTR. Gary Gygax deserves a memorial and I’ve just donated to the fund. I hope everyone else does to!

Gail Gygax, widow to the late and great Gary Gygax, and crew have established a non-profit organization to help raise funds in order to get a monument for Gary Gygax erected in Lake Geneva WI. Anyone who knows anything about gaming, particularly tabletop RPGs, knows this is a no-brainer. Gary, along with Dave Arenson, developed the original D&D that we all cherish and love.

Gary went on to develop and publish countless timeless works that did nothing short but inspire anyone that’s picked a set of those odd shaped dice.

You can show your support by giving some back to the legend by using the donate button on the fund’s website. While you’re there leave a short testimonial on how Gary touched your life.

Also feel free to Like the fund’s Facebook page. A quick ‘like’ shows a ton of support and keeps you up to date on what’s going on.

Lastly if you really want to contribute a service or just get involved with making this really happen send an E-mail to: Gygaxmemorialfund@gmail.com

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Colours 2010

Just booked the stand for Colours this year, over the weekend 11 – 12 Sep at Newbury Race Course.  Planning a few things so WATCH THIS SPACE!

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PP have revealed the RRP for the July 2010 HORDES releases:

  • Primal Mk II SC $29.99
  • Primal Mk II HC $44.99
  • Trollblood Swamp Troll $20.99
  • Circle Orboros Warpwolf Stalker $32.99
  • Circle Orboros Wold Guardian $27.99
  • Skorne Titan Sentry $44.99
  • Trollblood Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Circle Orboros Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Legion of Everblight Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Skorne Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Minions Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Trollblood Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99
  • Circle Orboros Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99
  • Legion of Everblight Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99
  • Skorne Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99

The WM MKII card Decks had a UK RRP of £13 so I am hoping that the tokens at least are less than a tenner.

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I’m at Triples in Sheffield this weekend (17 – 18 Apr):


The show, one of the largest in the calendar, is at a new venue this year, the English Institute of Sport:


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Next show I will be attending is WMMS at Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton on Sunday 21st March:


In addition to the complete range of PP’s WM/H, IK RPG and P3 lines I will have Anima Tactics and Ral Partha Resin.

At the show Doc will be running participation games of WARMACHINE MKII; battlegroup box sets available to use will include Cygnar, Protectorate of Menoth, Cryx and Magnus.  I will also hope to be running games of Anima Tactics.

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Jamie Inglis Appeal

On 1st April 2010 (April Fools Day), the British Army 2 Div Environmental Health Team are attempting to cycle across England, coast to coast, following the Hadrians Wall cycleway in just 10 hours!  This is in support of Jamie Inglis (the 4 year old son of a fellow army Environmental Health Technician) who has a rare and aggressive cancer called neuroblastoma and needs treatment only available in the USA, at a cost of £250,000, so every penny counts.

Please donate now at: http://www.justgiving.com/2-Div-EH-Coast-to-Coast

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Looks like we have another UK magazine on the market:

Wargames Recon


Good luck!

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My MKII cards arrived this morning.  Which means abusy day replacing the MKI cards in the blisters/boxes with lovely MKII cards.

Any left will be available to players who pop along to Forge Games at shows!

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