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Had a blast helping to run the UK Masters last weekend – good to see everyone!


  • 1st Place: Jim Lawrence (Circle)
  • 2nd Place: John Snape (Skorne)
  • 3rd Place: Jamie Perkins (Khador)
  • Best Painted Army: Nick Roberts (Circle)
  • Most Sporting: Ant Evans (Cryx)

Full results are available on the PP forums:


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Well done Jim!

Well done Jim, regaining your UK Masters crown this weekend a the UK Games Expo!


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At Stoke Challenge I will be running a WARMACHINE/HORDES tournament:

Sunday 25 July 2010
25-point WM/H tournament over 4 rounds
Entry fee is £10 per person, which includes entry to the show.  As with any tournament I sponsor, there will be lots of prizes!

Please pm or email me for details: forgegames@gmail.com

Stoke Challenge is a new wargames show. The venue is the 202 Field Hospital Territorial Army Centre, Waterloo Road, Cobridge, Stoke on Trent ST6 3HJ

In addition to the WM/H tournament there will be a variety of others including Flames of War, DBMM and 40K. There is free parking at the TA Centre, bar, and food. Traders include me (Forge Games), Warlord games, Crusader Publishing, Dreamholme Scenics, Black Pyramid, Stafford Games and Lesley’s Bit Box.


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It may be some time away, but reserve Sunday 27th March 2011 in your diary for Warrior Bazaar 2011!

Last year the 24 spots for the WARMACHINE/HORDES tournament I sponsored were taken up within a week.  So, next year I have secured the Park Suite at the venue and we will have room for a 40 player tournament!


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UK Nationals

UK Nationals at the UK Games Expo over the weekend 5 – 6 Jun – only 3 tickets left of the original 64 on sale!

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Well, the booking system is now live for the miniature tournaments at the UK Games Expo.  One can play 40K, Flames of War, DBMM or Field of Glory.

Oh yes, nearly forgot.  UK WARMACHINE/HORDES NATIONALS!!!!!


I am down to run the losers room again this year so see you there!

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Privateer Press have release an Appendix to the STEAMROLLER tournament rules:


Basically this allows tournament organisers to adapt STEAMROLLER to local conditions/preferences but still maintain the ‘official’ badge that many players like when playing WARMACHINE/HORDES tournaments.

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On Sunday 28 March I will be at Warrior Bazaar:


It is at Park Hall Hotel near Chorley – it is a short drive from from the M6 (J27 Northbound, J28 Southbound) or the M61 (J8) – just follow the signs for Camelot!

The tournament I am sponsoring is sold out but there will be demo games using starter box sets.

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PP have announced a new policy for the use of converted models in WM/H:


It seems a little more encouraging to conversions and mods to minis.  Personally I have always allowed, when running tournaments, players to use conversions and alt models.  For example, I have allowed a player to use the IK RPG Alexia model and the Royal Guard Coleman Stryker model as a Journeyman Warcaster.

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At Warrior Bazaar 2010 I will be sponsoring a 25-point WM/H tournament.  They entry pack is available here: warrior bazaar entry pack.pdf

Warrior Bazaar is a wargames show that will be held at the Park Hall Hotel near Chorley on Sunday 28th March 2010.  Just follow the brown Camelot signs from M6 J28, M6 J27 or M61 J8.


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