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Ok, so Day One is done with at the Old Glory World Wargaming Championships at the University of Derby.  Good to get back on the show circuit and see some familiar faces.

A slow and steady day, the P3 Paints were very popular and so was Anima: Tactics.  Stuart was kept busy all day running demo games.  See you all tomorrow!

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After nearly 4 years of running Forge Games and attending shows throughout the UK I have ended operations and will no longer be trading at shows.

The reason I have closed Forge Games is that I have a new day job that is unfortunately incompatible with running Forge Games. A shame but the day job p[ays the bills so I have had to give up running Forge Games.

I have thoroughly enjoyed attending shows and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the show circuit, especially the organisers of the shows. Without you I would not have been able to indulge in this aspect of the hobby I love. Many thanks.

Although this is the end of Forge Games at shows I have decided to keep hold of the name just in case!

Whenever the opportunity presents itself I will be at shows running participation games of WARMACHINE and HORDES and hopefully some ‘Beat the Press Ganger’ larger battles.

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Forge Games at Colours

Forge Games will be at Colours over the weekend 11 – 12 Sep 2010 with the entire range of WARMACHINE, HORDES and P3 Tools & Paints.  In addition we will be running intro games of WM/H.

There will be many special offers – particularly on IK RPG, Anima Tactics and Mantic lines.   I will also be bringing my ‘bargain box’ full of goodies at incredibly low prices, including selected WM/H models!


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A bit last minute but I will be at The Other Partizan on Sunday 5th September:


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After a short break I am back.  Border Reiver on Saturday 4th September at the Metro radio Area in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Show opens at 10:00 hrs and closes at 15:00 hrs:


I will have near 100% WM/H stock.  There are a few special offers at Border Reiver for the Mantic Games lines and some extra special offers on Anima Tactics.

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Next weekend I will be at two shows:

Sat 19 June: Phalanx in St Helens http://www.phalanxshow.co.uk/

Sun 20 June: Valhalla in Farnborough http://www.fwgs.org.uk/Valhalla/index.htm

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Just received and accepted an invite to trade at Warfare this year, in reading over the weekend 20 – 21 Nov 10.

See you there!

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Apparently delayed by US Customs, the new release date for Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx will be 9 Jun 10.  With an ambitious book release schedule for 2010, it is not surprising that there have been a few issues.  For example, the Menoth book was also slightly delayed.

Which all means the first show that I will have the new Cryx book will be the Durham Show in, erm, Durham, on Sat 12 Jun.

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At Stoke Challenge I will be running a WARMACHINE/HORDES tournament:

Sunday 25 July 2010
25-point WM/H tournament over 4 rounds
Entry fee is £10 per person, which includes entry to the show.  As with any tournament I sponsor, there will be lots of prizes!

Please pm or email me for details: forgegames@gmail.com

Stoke Challenge is a new wargames show. The venue is the 202 Field Hospital Territorial Army Centre, Waterloo Road, Cobridge, Stoke on Trent ST6 3HJ

In addition to the WM/H tournament there will be a variety of others including Flames of War, DBMM and 40K. There is free parking at the TA Centre, bar, and food. Traders include me (Forge Games), Warlord games, Crusader Publishing, Dreamholme Scenics, Black Pyramid, Stafford Games and Lesley’s Bit Box.


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It may be some time away, but reserve Sunday 27th March 2011 in your diary for Warrior Bazaar 2011!

Last year the 24 spots for the WARMACHINE/HORDES tournament I sponsored were taken up within a week.  So, next year I have secured the Park Suite at the venue and we will have room for a 40 player tournament!


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