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After nearly 4 years of running Forge Games and attending shows throughout the UK I have ended operations and will no longer be trading at shows.

The reason I have closed Forge Games is that I have a new day job that is unfortunately incompatible with running Forge Games. A shame but the day job p[ays the bills so I have had to give up running Forge Games.

I have thoroughly enjoyed attending shows and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the show circuit, especially the organisers of the shows. Without you I would not have been able to indulge in this aspect of the hobby I love. Many thanks.

Although this is the end of Forge Games at shows I have decided to keep hold of the name just in case!

Whenever the opportunity presents itself I will be at shows running participation games of WARMACHINE and HORDES and hopefully some ‘Beat the Press Ganger’ larger battles.


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Forge Games at Colours

Forge Games will be at Colours over the weekend 11 – 12 Sep 2010 with the entire range of WARMACHINE, HORDES and P3 Tools & Paints.  In addition we will be running intro games of WM/H.

There will be many special offers – particularly on IK RPG, Anima Tactics and Mantic lines.   I will also be bringing my ‘bargain box’ full of goodies at incredibly low prices, including selected WM/H models!


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A bit last minute but I will be at The Other Partizan on Sunday 5th September:


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After a short break I am back.  Border Reiver on Saturday 4th September at the Metro radio Area in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Show opens at 10:00 hrs and closes at 15:00 hrs:


I will have near 100% WM/H stock.  There are a few special offers at Border Reiver for the Mantic Games lines and some extra special offers on Anima Tactics.

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Next weekend I will be at two shows:

Sat 19 June: Phalanx in St Helens http://www.phalanxshow.co.uk/

Sun 20 June: Valhalla in Farnborough http://www.fwgs.org.uk/Valhalla/index.htm

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Just received and accepted an invite to trade at Warfare this year, in reading over the weekend 20 – 21 Nov 10.

See you there!

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Apparently delayed by US Customs, the new release date for Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx will be 9 Jun 10.  With an ambitious book release schedule for 2010, it is not surprising that there have been a few issues.  For example, the Menoth book was also slightly delayed.

Which all means the first show that I will have the new Cryx book will be the Durham Show in, erm, Durham, on Sat 12 Jun.

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