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Privateer Press have the following goodies for release in May:

5 May 10

  • PIP31067 Cygnar Trencher Master Gunner
  • PIP32066 Protectorate Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard Bearer
  • PIP33069 Khador Assault Kommando Flame Thrower
  • PIP34076 Cryx Iron Lich Asphyxious (2010)
  • PIP41074 Mercenary Steelhead Riflemen
  • PIP41078 Mercenary High Shield Gun Corps Officer & Standard Bearer

19 May 10

  • PIP31072 Cygnar Stormsmith Storm Tower
  • PIP32064 Protectorate Vassal Mechanik
  • PIP34069 Cryx Lich Lord Venethrax
  • PIP35033 Retribution Mage Hunter Assassin (Variant)
  • PIP41079 Mercenary Horgenhold Artillery Corps

TBA May 10

  • PIP1029 Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx, Softcover
  • PIP1030 Forces of WARMACHINE: Cryx, Hardcover
  • PIP91051 WARMACHINE Mk II Cygnar Token Set
  • PIP91052 WARMACHINE Mk II Protectorate of Menoth Token Set
  • PIP91053 WARMACHINE Mk II Khador Token Set
  • PIP91054 WARMACHINE Mk II Cryx Token Set
  • PIP91055 WARMACHINE Mk II Retribution of Scyrah Token Set
  • PIP91056 WARMACHINE Mk II Mercenaries Token Set
  • PIPNQ30 No Quarter Magazine: Issue #30

I am at Carronade in Falkirk on Sat 8 May and then my next show will be Phalanx on 19 Jun.  However, I will be sponsoring a pre-Nationals tournament in Winsford on Sun 23 May; I’ll have a small trade stand there.

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Privateer press have announced the July 2010 release schedule. It looks like a biggie for HORDES!!!

  • HORDES: Primal Mk II
  • Trollblood Swamp Troll(1)
  • Circle Orboros Wold Guardian(1)
  • Legion of Everblight Scythean(1)
  • Skorne Titan Sentry(1)
  • Minions Lord Carver BMMD Esq. III(1)
  • Minions War Hog(1)
  • HORDES Mk II Trollbloods Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Circle Orboros Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Legion of Everblight Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Skorne Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Minions Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Trollbloods Deck
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Circle Orboros Deck
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Legion of Everblight Deck
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Skorne Deck
  • No Quarter Magazine Issue #31

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Privateer Press are recruiting – they are seeking an Organised Play and Events Co-ordinator:


No salary details but a good point is you have to be familiar using Macs 😉
I suspect that this is only open to those entitled to work in the US 😦

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Privateer Press have announced a competition: ‘Muster the Troops’.  basically you must register with Bell of Lost Souls or Lost Hemisphere and tell them who your favourite Warcaster is and what is your favourite Warjack.  The winner will receive a 35-point WARMACHINE army:


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PP have updated the WM MKII rules available for download:


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PP Forum Update

PP have updated the software they use for their forums.  To log back on you will need to reset your password first:


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Battle Foam have been licensed to produce ‘official’ PP miniature carry cases:

Privateer Press is pleased to announce it has licensed the rights to create official miniatures carrying cases for its award winning WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures games to Battle Foam.

The Battle Foam WARMACHINE and HORDES miniature carrying cases are scheduled to release in January 2010 to coincide with the release of WARMACHINE Prime Mk II. Each case holds 161models and is reinforced with hard plastic to form a protective shell around the figures. In addition are several pockets to hold gaming accessories as well as an interior binder clip to hold card sheets.

Battle Foam also plans to release special faction-specific foam tray sets that will include custom-cut trays to carry the more irregular models. These sets will be available in the months following the main product’s release.

Pre-orders will start in Dec 09 with delivery expected Jan 10 to coincide with the release of WM MKII.

At present I have no details of UK availability.

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WM will see it’s first plastic minis Mar 2009 in the form of PIP32058 Protectorate of Menoth Exemplar Bastions Unit Box (5 Plastic Models) – TBD

Matt Wilson’s thought on the issue are in post 113

What does it mean?  Hopefully the price of WM/H minis will not inexorably rise.  Don’t see any quality issues providing the PP plastics are as good as GW plastics.

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As the title says!  A press release from PP states:

Monsterpocalypse™ Collectible Miniatures game sells out in Japan

Seattle WA, October 13th, 2008 – Privateer Press™ has announced that their
Monsterpocalypse™ collectible miniatures game has sold out in Japan prior to

“This is a very important indicator of the game’s potential in Japan,”
stated Matt Wilson, designer of Monsterpocalypse and Creative Director of
Privateer Press. “This paves the way to a bright future for Monsterpocalypse
in a market and a culture that has celebrated over 50 years’ worth of the
Giant Monster (Kaiju) genre.”   

A product shortage is not anticipated at this point, especially as
distribution in Japan expands, so players in Japan will be able to take full
advantage of the Mega Ares Mother ship redemption program, and the Mega Sky
Sentinel comic book promotion (details available at

Monsterpocalypse launched this past Friday, October 10th, 2008 and has also
recently sold out of starter sets at the manufacturer level in the US.
Information about future releases for the Monsterpocalypse product line will
be on display at Toy Fair in New York City in February 2009.

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PP have announced a deal with Play Factory to translate and publish MonPoc in French for, well, French speaking players:

Privateer Press has announced a deal that grants exclusive distribution rights of the Monsterpocalypse collectible miniatures game to French based publisher, distributor: Play Factory.

“We are very pleased to announce this exclusive agreement between Privateer Press and Play Factory, for all Monsterpocalypse products” said Matt Wilson, Creative Director for Privateer Press. The agreement permits exclusive distribution rights to France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Wilson also stated that Play Factory would be fully supporting Monsterpocalypse in each of these countries with the same organized play program that supports the game in the U.S. In addition, they will also offer both the Mega Ares Mothership and the Mega Sky Sentinel Series 1: Rise redemption programs. (Details of these and other special offers can be found at: www.monsterpocalypsegame.com/promotions). “Play Factory has a reputation for outstanding customer service and we feel that they possess a level of excitement and commitment for Monsterpocalypse that is perfectly in line with how we are supporting the game here in the U.S.,” Wilson stated.


“We’re thrilled to work with Privateer Press, a company who knows how to make good and fun packed games,” said Gregoire Boisbelaud, Sales and Marketing Manager for Play Factory. “As a magazine publisher, game editor and distributor, Play Factory looks for quality in all our products. Privateer Press succeeds in fulfilling this requirement. The close partnership between our two companies will allow us to promote and support the game and make it the success it deserves to be.”

Retailers in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland should contact Play Factory’s sales and marketing department at commercial@playfactory.fr or +33 1 42 49 74 74 for more information about Monsterpocalypse.

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