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WarGAmeGuru have posted a review of the P3 drill & pin set:


In conclusion, WarGameGuru says:

You can easily spend as much, or more on a standard run of the mill pin vice alone at a hobby shop too, but this one is made with miniatures assembly in mind, and works like a charm, with extras to boot. What’s not to like?

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PP have announced a new policy for the use of converted models in WM/H:


It seems a little more encouraging to conversions and mods to minis.  Personally I have always allowed, when running tournaments, players to use conversions and alt models.  For example, I have allowed a player to use the IK RPG Alexia model and the Royal Guard Coleman Stryker model as a Journeyman Warcaster.

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The Old Glory World Wargames Championships will be held over the weekend 4 – 5 October at the Keddlestone Road Campus of the University of Derby.

At this wargames show I will be running demo games of Warmachine and Hordes long with a 500-point battle table along the ‘Beat the Press Ganger’ lines seen at Salute & UK Games Expo this year.

Pop along, the games will be in the room upstairs, next to the Bring and Buy.

This show will be my ‘official’ launch too as I move from being a Press Ganger to a trader at shows. My alter ego, ‘Forge Games’, will carry the entire WM, H and IK RPG lines along with the complete P3 paints and new hobby tools.



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P3 Hobby Tools in Stock!

Just received the P3 Hobby Tool Rack:

PIP93093 P3 Super Glue £4.00
PIP93095 P3 Clippers £8.00
PIP93096 P3 Modeling Drill and Pinning Set £7.00
PIP93097 P3 Pinning Expansion: .50mm £3.00
PIP93098 P3 Pinning Expansion: .85mm £3.00
PIP93099 P3 Pinning Expansion: 1.25mm £3.00
PIP93100 P3 Pinning Expansion: 1.90mm £3.00
PIP93101 P3 File Set £5.00
PIP93102 P3 Sculpting Set £6.00
PIP93103 P3 Modeling Putty £6.00
PIP93104 P3 Hobby Knife £4.00
PIP93105 P3 Hobby Knife Blade Refil £3.00
PIP93106 P3 Mixing Medium £3.00
PIP93107 P3 Wet Palette £12.00
PIP93108 P3 Hobby Series Volume 1: Core Techniques £16.00

Even after plundering it for my own use there is still some stock left!  And the quality – utterly superb.

P3 Hobby Tools Rack

P3 Hobby Tools Rack

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