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MKII Errata

PP have published errata for MK WM/H:


Direct link to the 3.23 MB pdf: http://privateerpress.com/files/WM%20MKII%20Rules%20Errata%20July%202010.pdf

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Just to let all my customers know, ALL blisters and boxes now have the MKII cards supplied with them.

From today, no UK buyer from any WM/H stockist should receive MKI cards with their products as the update cards for retailers have arrived in the UK from PP.

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At last, the release date for HORDES Primal MKII has been released:

Wednesday 28 July 2010!!!

Just in time for Eastern Front and the tournament I am sponsoring there on Sun 1 August.

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Wed July 7, 2010

  • Forces of Warmachine Mercenary book
  • Trollblood Swamp Troll
  • Circle Wold Guardian
  • Skorne Titan Sentry
  • Hordes MK II Card decks (Trollbloods, Circle, Legion, Skorne)

Wed July 21, 2010

  • Legion Scythean
  • Minion Lord Carver
  • Minion War Hog

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Had a blast helping to run the UK Masters last weekend – good to see everyone!


  • 1st Place: Jim Lawrence (Circle)
  • 2nd Place: John Snape (Skorne)
  • 3rd Place: Jamie Perkins (Khador)
  • Best Painted Army: Nick Roberts (Circle)
  • Most Sporting: Ant Evans (Cryx)

Full results are available on the PP forums:


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The following are slated for an August release:

  • Forces of HORDES: Skorne softback
  • Forces of HORDES: Skorne hardback special edition
  • Trollblood Trollkin Skinner (1)
  • Circle Orboros Warpborn Skinwalkers (5)
  • Legion of Everblight Stinger Lesser Warbeasts (2)
  • Skorne Dominar Rasheth (1)
  • Skorne Paingiver Task Master( 1)
  • Minions Gun Boar( 1)
  • Minion Thrullg (1)

Shows in August are somewhat limited for me – Eastern Front in Norwich on 1 Aug is it!

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Privateer Press have posted a picture of PIP72044 Circle Warpwolf Stalker on their web site:


The druids of the Circle Orboros have continued to experiment with the forbidden processes by which they transform men into the terrifying warpwolves. Volunteers chosen for the keenness of their minds as well as their strength in battle are candidates for the altered rites that produce the warpwolf stalker. Unlike their totally animalistic kin, the stalkers retain a more than animal cunning. They prowl the dense foliage of the Immoren forests, stalking their unsuspecting prey before leaping out to deliver powerful killing blows in a berserk frenzy. Warpwolf Stalker comes in a box. A player may field any number of Warpwolf Stalkers in a Circle army.

No details on when this mini is available but I suspect Aug/Sep.

Wonder if it will be plastic?  The legs/abdomen of this and the Warpwolf are very similar …..

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PP have revealed the RRP for the July 2010 HORDES releases:

  • Primal Mk II SC $29.99
  • Primal Mk II HC $44.99
  • Trollblood Swamp Troll $20.99
  • Circle Orboros Warpwolf Stalker $32.99
  • Circle Orboros Wold Guardian $27.99
  • Skorne Titan Sentry $44.99
  • Trollblood Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Circle Orboros Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Legion of Everblight Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Skorne Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Minions Mk II Token Set $15.99
  • Trollblood Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99
  • Circle Orboros Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99
  • Legion of Everblight Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99
  • Skorne Mk II 2010 Deck $18.99

The WM MKII card Decks had a UK RRP of £13 so I am hoping that the tokens at least are less than a tenner.

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Privateer press have announced the July 2010 release schedule. It looks like a biggie for HORDES!!!

  • HORDES: Primal Mk II
  • Trollblood Swamp Troll(1)
  • Circle Orboros Wold Guardian(1)
  • Legion of Everblight Scythean(1)
  • Skorne Titan Sentry(1)
  • Minions Lord Carver BMMD Esq. III(1)
  • Minions War Hog(1)
  • HORDES Mk II Trollbloods Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Circle Orboros Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Legion of Everblight Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Skorne Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II Minions Token Set
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Trollbloods Deck
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Circle Orboros Deck
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Legion of Everblight Deck
  • HORDES Mk II – 2010 Skorne Deck
  • No Quarter Magazine Issue #31

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It is a pic of a battle between Skorne and Trollbloods:


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