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Ok, so Day One is done with at the Old Glory World Wargaming Championships at the University of Derby.  Good to get back on the show circuit and see some familiar faces.

A slow and steady day, the P3 Paints were very popular and so was Anima: Tactics.  Stuart was kept busy all day running demo games.  See you all tomorrow!

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Hot news – Forge Games will be back!

Not sure when and in what form, but as I miss it too much I will return ….

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After nearly 4 years of running Forge Games and attending shows throughout the UK I have ended operations and will no longer be trading at shows.

The reason I have closed Forge Games is that I have a new day job that is unfortunately incompatible with running Forge Games. A shame but the day job p[ays the bills so I have had to give up running Forge Games.

I have thoroughly enjoyed attending shows and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the show circuit, especially the organisers of the shows. Without you I would not have been able to indulge in this aspect of the hobby I love. Many thanks.

Although this is the end of Forge Games at shows I have decided to keep hold of the name just in case!

Whenever the opportunity presents itself I will be at shows running participation games of WARMACHINE and HORDES and hopefully some ‘Beat the Press Ganger’ larger battles.

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Exam blues ….

This week and next I will be taking a few exams as my MSc comes to an end, which means fewer updates!  But after my final exams on Thu 20 May I’ll be back ……

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Opening a shop

After a few years of thinking about it I have decided to open a shop!

Watch this space …..

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.

2010 will be a good year, especially with the release of MKII and the abundance of new minis & games on the market.

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Forge Games will be sponsoring the WARMACHINE/HORDES tournament at Vapnartak 2010.  This superb show is run by the York Wargames Society; Vapnartak is held on Sunday 7 February 2010: http://www.yorkwargames.org/Vapnartak.htm.

This one-day tournament will be for 35 point WM & H armies and held over 4 rounds.  Possibly the first MK II tournament in the UK post-release, it will be a great day!

Download the rulespack here.

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2010 Show Schedule

Just in the process of ramping things up and sorting out my show schedule for 2010.  Full details should be available by the end of November but hopefully Albanich & Crusade in January; Vapnartak & Cavalier in February; Warrior Bazaar, Overlord and WMMS in March.

In addition I am also hoping to organise a few tournaments at some of these shows and sponsor tournaments at other shows.

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The Ancible will be launched in November.  A full-colour 84-page magazine it will cover an eclectic mix of Sci Fi and Fantasy wargames.

Issue One will contain a WARMACHINE battle report.  I will certainly be subscribing as I think ventures like this deserve the support of the wargaming community during their launch.  If it is good I’ll resubscribe.  When Forge Games restarts next year I’ll probably use The Ancible to advertise the shop.


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I’ll be back …

Due to ‘day job’ commitments I will be unable to attend any shows for the remaining months of 2009.

I’ll be back in January 2010 – hopefully my show schedule for 2010 will be posted in December.

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