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On Saturday 11 October Forge Games will be attending Skelp in Forfar:


I’ll have the usual complete range of PP products with will also now include MONSTERPOCALYPSE!  In addition I’ll have Anima: Tactics.

FG will have a demo table to introduce players to WARMACHINE, HORDES and MONSTERPOCALYPSE.

All GF9 products will be at 50% off marked price for Skelp.


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Derby Show Day Two

Another busy day at Derby.  Mark ran the demo games today and seemed to be busy all day.  Gave away lots of posters, catalogues, badges and starter rules – hope I have enough left for Fiasco and Skelp!

I’ll be back next year, hopefully sponsoring a small WM/H tournament in addition to running demo games and the trade stand.

Next show?  Skelp in Forfar on Saturday 11 October.

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Ok, so Day One is done with at the Old Glory World Wargaming Championships at the University of Derby.  Good to get back on the show circuit and see some familiar faces.

A slow and steady day, the P3 Paints were very popular and so was Anima: Tactics.  Stuart was kept busy all day running demo games.  See you all tomorrow!

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From PP:


Privateer Press has announced that starter sets for their new collectible miniatures game: Monsterpocalypse Series 1: Rise (PIP 50001) have sold out at the manufacturer level prior to the product’s upcoming launch date of October 10th 2008.

“We have seen such an overwhelming demand,” said Sherry Yeary, President of Privateer Press. “That we already have a re-stock of starter sets ordered and due to arrive in November.” Currently, Privateer Press still has Series 1: Rise Monster boosters and Unit boosters in stock to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for the game. In addition, starter sets will be readily available at the distribution and retail level to support the launch since the majority of initial distributor orders have been filled. “With free, fully-supported organized play kicking off with the launch of the product,” Yeary continued, “and escalating interest and awareness for the game, we want to assure our distribution partners, core hobby retailers and all of our excited fans and players that we will do everything we can to have Monsterpocalypse product available throughout the holidays and into 2009.”

FORGE GAMES will have some available on Saturday 11 October when we attend Skelp in Forfar.

In addition, FORGE GAMES will be running demo games at the Old Glory World Wargame Chamionships in Derby over the weekend 4 – 5 October.

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The Old Glory World Wargames Championships will be held over the weekend 4 – 5 October at the Keddlestone Road Campus of the University of Derby.

At this wargames show I will be running demo games of Warmachine and Hordes long with a 500-point battle table along the ‘Beat the Press Ganger’ lines seen at Salute & UK Games Expo this year.

Pop along, the games will be in the room upstairs, next to the Bring and Buy.

This show will be my ‘official’ launch too as I move from being a Press Ganger to a trader at shows. My alter ego, ‘Forge Games’, will carry the entire WM, H and IK RPG lines along with the complete P3 paints and new hobby tools.



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