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Missing Parts

If a part is missing or miscast please contact FORGE GAMES soonest via forgegames@gmail.com or 07962 596209.  I will then arrange for you to send the blister/box back to FORGE GAMES.  Upon receipt you will be either sent a replacement or issued a full refund; postal costs will be refunded either way in full.

It may be quicker, however, to contact the manufacturer direct:

Just email the PP factory in Liverpool via eufrontdesk@privateerpress.com the following details:

  • Detailed Description of what was missing or miscast and that you made the purchase from Phil at FORGE GAMES.  Ideally send a photo of what what is the box/blister so PP staff can see what is missing/miscast.  You could even use a picture from PP’s online bits shop to show what you think is missing.
  • The Packed by xxxx (if any) included on a small slip of paper in the product container.
  • Your Name, full Address and email address.
PP will then send you a replacement part.  Please Cc me your original email so I am aware of any issues.
One can also email PP direct in the US via frontdesk@privateerpress.com or click on PP’s Customer Support – Replacement Parts page.
Of course you are always welcome to return the dodgy blister/box for a full refund including any postal charges incurred.

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Ok, so Day One is done with at the Old Glory World Wargaming Championships at the University of Derby.  Good to get back on the show circuit and see some familiar faces.

A slow and steady day, the P3 Paints were very popular and so was Anima: Tactics.  Stuart was kept busy all day running demo games.  See you all tomorrow!

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PP have announced a deal with Play Factory to bring a French translation of MonPoc to, well, French speaking players.

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