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No Quarter Magazine is now available as a pdf from DriveThruRPG:

No Quarter Issue 1: No Quarter #1 looks at mercenary contracts for WARMACHINE, pistols and duleing in the Iron Kingdoms, and a story featuring two sisters at odds: Haley and Denegrah.

No Quarter Issue 2: No Quarter #2 introduces two new mercenary warcasters to WARMACHINES, an inside look at the Order of Illumination, and the dangerous, if lucrative, business of cortex smuggling in the Iron Kingdoms.

No Quarter Issue 3: No Quarter #3 delves into the past of the Witchfire, looks at the ‘jacks and troops for Superiority, and advice on picking your HORDES faction.

No Quarter Issue 4: No Quarter #4 previews HORDES, dissects the Spriggan and Hammersmith warjacks, the lucrative business of cigars in the Iron Kingdoms, and a mini-adventure!


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