Gary Gygax Memorial Fund

I started playing D&D back in the 1970s, after watching Bakshi’s version of LOTR. Gary Gygax deserves a memorial and I’ve just donated to the fund. I hope everyone else does to!

Gail Gygax, widow to the late and great Gary Gygax, and crew have established a non-profit organization to help raise funds in order to get a monument for Gary Gygax erected in Lake Geneva WI. Anyone who knows anything about gaming, particularly tabletop RPGs, knows this is a no-brainer. Gary, along with Dave Arenson, developed the original D&D that we all cherish and love.

Gary went on to develop and publish countless timeless works that did nothing short but inspire anyone that’s picked a set of those odd shaped dice.

You can show your support by giving some back to the legend by using the donate button on the fund’s website. While you’re there leave a short testimonial on how Gary touched your life.

Also feel free to Like the fund’s Facebook page. A quick ‘like’ shows a ton of support and keeps you up to date on what’s going on.

Lastly if you really want to contribute a service or just get involved with making this really happen send an E-mail to: Gygaxmemorialfund@gmail.com


Forge Games will be back!

Hot news – Forge Games will be back!

Not sure when and in what form, but as I miss it too much I will return ….

iBodger 3

iBodger 3 has been released for the iPhone:


No Quarter Magazine is now available as a pdf from DriveThruRPG:

No Quarter Issue 1: No Quarter #1 looks at mercenary contracts for WARMACHINE, pistols and duleing in the Iron Kingdoms, and a story featuring two sisters at odds: Haley and Denegrah.

No Quarter Issue 2: No Quarter #2 introduces two new mercenary warcasters to WARMACHINES, an inside look at the Order of Illumination, and the dangerous, if lucrative, business of cortex smuggling in the Iron Kingdoms.

No Quarter Issue 3: No Quarter #3 delves into the past of the Witchfire, looks at the ‘jacks and troops for Superiority, and advice on picking your HORDES faction.

No Quarter Issue 4: No Quarter #4 previews HORDES, dissects the Spriggan and Hammersmith warjacks, the lucrative business of cigars in the Iron Kingdoms, and a mini-adventure!


After nearly 4 years of running Forge Games and attending shows throughout the UK I have ended operations and will no longer be trading at shows.

The reason I have closed Forge Games is that I have a new day job that is unfortunately incompatible with running Forge Games. A shame but the day job p[ays the bills so I have had to give up running Forge Games.

I have thoroughly enjoyed attending shows and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the show circuit, especially the organisers of the shows. Without you I would not have been able to indulge in this aspect of the hobby I love. Many thanks.

Although this is the end of Forge Games at shows I have decided to keep hold of the name just in case!

Whenever the opportunity presents itself I will be at shows running participation games of WARMACHINE and HORDES and hopefully some ‘Beat the Press Ganger’ larger battles.

Forge Games at Colours

Forge Games will be at Colours over the weekend 11 – 12 Sep 2010 with the entire range of WARMACHINE, HORDES and P3 Tools & Paints.  In addition we will be running intro games of WM/H.

There will be many special offers – particularly on IK RPG, Anima Tactics and Mantic lines.   I will also be bringing my ‘bargain box’ full of goodies at incredibly low prices, including selected WM/H models!


The Other Partizan: Sun 5 Sep

A bit last minute but I will be at The Other Partizan on Sunday 5th September: